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  • Can the Cobalt Keep Painting Hilt be used with non Cobalt Keep bases?
    YES! The Cobalt Keep Accessory Kit provides a magnet that makes the paint hilt compatible with almost any size base. Our video page has a video showing how this process works.
  • What type of Glue is best to use with Cobalt Keep Products?
    Through our testing, we recommend Impact Resistant Gorilla Glue. You will need a good amount to make sure the magnet stays stuck into the bottom of the bases. The goal is to get glue on the bottom as well as a bit on the sides of the magnet.
  • Do you have more products coming?
    For sure! We have a lot of plans in the works! All we need is this great communicty to spread the word about Cobalt Keep products.
  • Are Cobalt Keep bases the best bases?
    Yes, yes they are...
  • In the Universe?
    This Universe yes, though there are some competitors we are watching closely in the others.
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