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The Paint Hilt Accessory Kit includes an Adapter Magnet, 25mm Base w/ Magnet and Cork Disc. The Adapter Magnet fits perfectly into the Painting Hilt well, allowing the use of the Painting Hilt with any type of magnetized base.


Also included is a Cork Disc that can be used for pinned miniatures. Simply glue the provided Cork disc to the provided 25mm base w/ magnet for repeat use. 

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Constructing miniatures can be a messy job. Cobalt Keep found a need to create a set of affordable, stackable boxes to save desk space. The hexagon shape allows for the creation of a variety of layouts on your work surface; Painting Hilt Stands incorporate this same hexagon design.

The Cobalt Keep Painting Hilt works in tandem with each Cobalt Keep Base, allowing you to securely lock in your paint job to the Painting Hilt. Cobalt Keep bases lock into the tool using the magnet in the base and a metal plate in the Painting Hilt. The four support spokes on the underside of each base lock into the groves in the top of the Painting Hilt to secure your base from spinning.  The Painting Hilt allows for seamless transition between miniatures when batch painting.   


The Painting Hilt has finger grooves to ensure the tool does not slip from your hand.   This no frills solution is comfortable and effective for any type of paint job.  Paint your armies in one big batch or your individual hero/D&D character comfortably without ever having to remove the figure from the Painting Hilt. 


Purchase additional Painting Hilts to make batch painting simple! 

For magnet installation, add a drop of impact resistant super glue to each magnet well.

Place magnet in well with desired polarity, press down firmly and let dry.

Magnetized bases allow for easy pick up and storage.

Cobalt Keep bases are made out of ABS Plastic.  We have designed our bases to be strong and use 30% or more plastic than bases of the same size from competitors.  The extra thickness and support rails design ensures that the Bases are strong, durable and won't buckle over time.   

Neodymium magnets can be purchased with all Cobalt Keep base sizes. Base sizes of round 25mm, 32mm, 40mm and lipped round 30mm and 40mm all utilize a 10mm x 2mm Magnet.  The Oval and Oblong bases and lipped round 50mm bases all utilize a 10mm x 3mm magnet for added strength. 

Cobalt Keep Bases come with an integrated magnet well, making magnetizing your miniature armies a simple and convenient task. Cobalt Keep bases come in all the popular sizes for wargaming and miniature play, but use more plastic than our competitors, allowing for maximum strength and durability.  Our Neodymium Magnets fit into the available magnet well that is integrated into all Cobalt Keep Bases. 

The Cobalt Keep Painting Hilt works in tandem with each Cobalt Keep Base and can be purchased separately. This system will allow anyone to easily batch paint their miniatures, as well as allowing a seamless rotation between mini's after each coat of paint. Simply lock your base into your painting hilt, paint, then place the tool securely on its provided stand for safe drying.


Use our base and magnet solution with Painting Hilt to paint any army or individual hero/D&D character!

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Cobalt Keep’s Stackable Display Cases for Wargaming and DnD Miniatures are a one stop solution to store, organize and display miniatures beautifully and securely.

An integrated steel plate inside the base of our display cases ensure that magnetized miniatures sit securely in their place.  The stackability of these Display Cases allow you to store even more miniatures in less space!

Cobalt Keep’s Hero Display Case has been designed to hold one prized miniature. The display has a metal plate installed in the base, allowing for a magnetized miniature to sit securely inside. The high-quality Polycarbonate cover is removable, but a tight fit when in place keeping your miniature safe and secure. The Hero Display makes a perfect transport case from storage to game table.

Cobalt Keep’s Army Display Case has been designed to hold the bulk of an army for most tabletop wargames. The display has a metal plate installed in the base, allowing for a wide array of magnetized miniatures to sit securely inside. The Army Display Case has a built-in locking system that allows for easy handling when moving the display around. The Polycarbonate cover is removeable, and locks securely to the base with locking tabs, keeping all your miniatures safe and secure. The Army Display makes a perfect transport case from storage to game table.

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We hope you all enjoyed your stop at the Cobalt Keep! With your support we hope to bring you more innovative products!  Cobalt Keep is excited to continue developing new Base sizes and shapes as well as other customized products for the Wargaming/Tabletop Hobby.  


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Thank you!

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