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Painting Hilt Pro

The Painting Hilt Pro uses specially designed Cobalt Keep Rotating Caps, which can be easily swapped out for a seamless transition between miniature painting projects. Each Cap is held in place with a metal plate, on the underside of the Cap, that attaches to a powerful magnet in the hilt. A magnetized miniature can then be attached to the Cap via a second metal plate securing your miniature, but also allowing for a smooth rotation of your figure while you paint.


Caps come in two sizes, the smaller Rotating Caps have locking groves which work in tandem with smaller Cobalt Keep Magnetized Bases, while XL Rotating Caps work with larger magnetized bases and with non-Cobalt Keep magnetized bases.


The Cobalt Keep Painting Hilt Pro incorporates two connection points to allow you to attach a light and/or a magnifying glass directly to the Hilt, for those situations when you need a higher level of detail on your miniature.

Painting Hilt Pro

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